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The Linux Foundation Gains More Members

Linux is exploding, and the demand for Linux developers has never been stronger. This course will introduce you to the world of Linux development and give you the background and training you need to start working with Linux. If you’ve been thinking about getting into Linux development, this is the best place to start!


This course is for students who are already experienced computer users on another operating system, but have limited or no experience working in a Linux environment.

Course Materials

As part of your registration, a printed copy of the course manual will be provided.


Course Outline

Introduction to Linux for Developers

  1. Introduction
  2. Linux and the Operating System
  3. Graphical Environments and Interfaces
  4. Getting Help
  5. Text Editors
  6. Shells, bash, and the Command Line
  7. System Components
  8. System Administration
  9. Essential Command Line Tools
  10. Command and Tool Details
  11. Users and Groups
  12. Bash Scripting
  13. Files and Filesystems
  14. Filesystem Layout
  15. Linux Filesystems
  16. Compiling, Linking and Libraries
  17. Java Installation and Environment