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Take a managed approach to monitor and analyze threats.


Increasingly connected business environments and changing technology landscape has triggered security threats from the most unexpected sources. While security technologies are constantly evolving, identifying the source or mitigating threats with minimum loss of business operations is still a challenge.SMT’s efficient Security Operations Center (SOC) constantly and proactively assesses security in your operations, even preempting threats. We secure your enterprise applications across technology layers, connected platforms, processes and devices.

Why Security Management Technology (SMT) Center ?

SMT SOC is a centralized threat management operation supporting your security monitoring, incident management and log retention. It covers the entire gamut of enterprise security surveillance, from one central platform. We improve your network’s security posture through continuous monitoring and notification of security incidents that could impact business. You can get assistance from certified security professionals to assist meeting your compliance obligations around PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and other regulatory mandates. The confidence of security and compliance that SMT’s SOC brings to your operations has another advantage- it is available in-country, nearshore and offshore locations. This makes sure that your enterprise adheres to legal and compliance requirements, as well as risk assessment needs according to localized standards.SMT’s SOCs functions from India, Philippines, US and Poland.


  • Continuous security incident monitoring to detect threats
  • Certified team with multi-platform expertise
  • Multi-vendor platform support for a large number of devices
  • Solutions governed by compliance standards
  • A single view of all incidents and reports through a secure web portal – InfraPortal


  • 24/7 event and incident monitoring and response services ensure round-the-clock protection
  • Compliant SOC services that conform to industry best practices ITIL/CoBIT/NIST
  • Powerful engine that detects, alerts and notifies on threats giving you complete cover on threats and intrusions
  • Reduce organizational risk while increasing security awareness in your organization


  • World-class SOC facilitates a tool agnostic approach to integrate existing/new IT security infrastructure to provide a single real-time view of the client’s security posture
  • Services are delivered by certified security professionals
  • Alignment to GRC (Governance, Risk & compliance) objectives of the customer (PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, FISMA etc.)
  • Strong governance of managing the SOC comprising of people, processes and technology

Our SOC Services include:

  • Managed SIEM (ArcSight,Splunk,IBM QR,OSSIM..)
    Help with managing and monitoring the Logger infrastructure, maintaining the Enterprise Security Manager correlation rule-set, periodically reviewing potential incidents, and providing 24x7 escalation of high-risk incidents.

Social Engineering in the field of IT is the practise of exploiting social interactions with personnel to obtain privileged information about an IT environment. This information could be anything from obtaining passwords to finding out which personnel have the required security clearance to access certain areas, and has been used by countless attackers to circumvent components of even the most sophisticated information systems. Companies continue to protect themselves through an emphasis on advanced IT security systems, and while this is good, the threat of social engineering is often forgotten.

Beside than the fact that Information Systems are becoming increasingly complex, one of the key reasons that Social Engineering is so heavily utilized is its low cost to benefit ratio. It can be much faster to simply pick up a phone, pretend to be someone else and ask for a password than it would be to scour source code for any small weakness in IT systems.

Targeted individuals do not usually suspect that they are or could be a victim of social engineering, yet the impact of divulging even small, seemingly meaningless pieces of information can be disastrous. This data can be accumulated and used to assume identities of employees and fish for even more valuable information by phone and email, gain access to buildings and restricted areas, plant rogue network devices and continuously monitor data traffic.

SMT’s Social Engineering is a vital element of a complete penetration test. Once the scope of the testing and accompanying success criteria’s have been determined, our experts will perform any number of social engineering tactics to try and gain access to defined in-scope systems.

SMT will only perform these tests in areas that have been agreed upon contractually. Any in-scope data extracted or handled during the process will be securely deleted.

To ensure that your systems are not only technologically sophisticated but are also secured against social exploitation, contact us and find what needs to be done to pinpoint your greatest organisational security vulnerabilities.


Security Information and Event Management(SIEM) solutions are a combination of the formerly disparate product categories of:

  • SEM (security event management) analyzes security event data in real time (for threat management, primarily in network events)
  • SIM (security information management) analyzes and reports on log data (for privileged user and resource access monitoring and compliance reporting, primarily in host and application events)

A SIEM solution provides the possibility of addressing both internal and external threat management by collecting data (logs) about the security level of all critical components within a network and turning that data into useful information within a single interface, while producing undeniable benefits – the ability to react in real time to threats and to meet compliance mandates.

User Benefits

A SIEM solution offers the possibility of real-time monitoring, providing better visibility over security risks through fast detection of internal and external attacks. SIEM takes over the work of tens of people adding on top of it the correlation of seemingly unrelated events.

Business Impact

By implementing such a solution, the whole process starting from collecting data to sending out the reports becomes easier, much faster and much more exact, offering a precise and easy to interpret image about the level of security within an organization.

Using a SIEM solution the incident response time drops from few weeks or even months to a few minutes, by switching to an automatic strategy of incident response.

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SMT strong team of highly qualified consultants, certified and well-trained technical engineers who are capable of understanding our customers’ needs in order to make sure providing them with right technology and world-class of services surrounding today’s Information Security Technology .


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