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Today I will show you how to own a windows operating system using a technique called browser explotition, to carry out this technique you need a pentration testing distro for example Kali with beef framework and metasploit.

First thing we need to fireup our linux distro and run beef framework plus we need to integrate metasploit with beef-xss framework to do so follow the following commands:

When you want to do a penetration test for a wifi network you need a password list that reflect the user habits , private information such as his name , family name , his child's name , his mobile number and combination with these info . as these info is private and not shared with other users you will not find them in pre-made password list from websites , you must make them with you own hand and this is very hard thing to do and not practical !

Kali is popular linux distribution for information security professional , it has many tools that help you accomplish your job .

if you tried the new release of this distribution ( kali sana 2.0 ) you may have noticed the system freeze ( high cpu usage sometimes ) that happen frequently which is bad thing for someone installed it as his main OS .

dns leak2

Are you crazy about protecting your online privacy ? Or leaving with a censored internet ? Or want to download some copyrighted material over torrent without informing your ISP ?

So you are using a VPN service or other anonymity services like tor , I2P, proxy servers etc. etc.  But still your ISP could track your online activity pretty easily. How ? If your DNS quarries are leaking or VPN connection is not properly configured.

In this tutorial we are going test DNS leak and fix DNS leak problem. Before going further, lets talk about the basic things.



Cybercrimes and attacks increase day by day , and you might be a victim 

Here is the most important signs that  helps to detect attacks ..

php mvc framework wide

Hello there, today I will show you how to code a simple script to get the remote IP address of your victim.

This script will be coded in PHP " Hypertext Preprocessor ".

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. Originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994

smt training Environment

SMT & SMT-CENTER, ou engineers use technology to setup IT and Training Environments using Linux KVM solution (Proxmox), optimize cluster solution to connect and manage 3 main servers, setup multi guests operating system,

In the real life you can't have a medicine without going to the dr who will tell you to analyze your blood so he can know what type of infection you have then he can give you the right cure .

Malware analysis is one of the most important work in information security field , you may be the dr who will give the cure or the one who will analyze the system for the infection , today we will be the analyzer and the dr :D .

lft partner

Security Manamgent Technology (SMT) Center now the ATP (Authorized Training partner) on middle east / Jordan - Linux Foundation. To provide the official Linux certification by the specialist and certified trainers.

Linux Foundation Training

The Linux Foundation is a leader in IT development and provides trainings that combine broad, foundational knowledge with networking. Avnet Academy offers Linux courses for security, performance tuning, architecture, virtualization and more.


SMT Center delivers comprehensive Linux training for individuals or corporations through software development, administration lab exercises and practical components. our instructors are exports and implmter for many linux technologies, involve in complex enterprise projects in Jordan and middle east

To find LINUX foundation courses Click here ..


After 5 month of testing rolling distribution for kali linux 2.0 , the users should now taste the best of all worlds - the stability of Debian , together with the latest vesrions of the many outstanding penetration testing tools created and shared by the information security community .


 smt dc banner


Data governance (DG) refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data employed in an enterprise. A sound data governance program includes a governing body or council, a defined set of procedures, and a plan to execute those procedures.

Comprehensive Data Governance : Challenge

Every enterprise has to answer the questions: Who is accessing data, how are people accessing it, and who should be entitled to access?
These seeminglystraightforward questions are nearly impossible to answer accurately and easilyat any given moment.

Why? Because IT  personnel, storage managers, directory managers, helpdeskstaff and all parties responsible for the volumes of file server contents anduser repositories have no visibility either to the data permissions as set or theentitlements as they should be. The process of defining  data access is almostentirely manual and the people managing it have no context for the data orwhat constitutes proper use. Moreover  with user roles and file server contentschanging so quickly it is actually impossible to keep data entitlements currenteven with a large  number of staff.This situation puts important data at risk, and makes data access managementextremely expensive and ineffective.


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