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If you are an IT Manager then you know how much it's struggling to take responsibility for the entire IT infrastructure including: 1- flawless IT Operations 2- Network Security 3- prove IT Compliance, So what you need here is a visibility into what is going on in your environment, audit data about critical changes, access Management and privileged user activity. So how to make sure that you have all the data you need. A Lot of Administrators is the classic solution but they just can't provide you the right data at the right time, What you need at this point is an auditing tool.


Netwrix auditor is an IT auditing software that delivers complete visibility into IT infrastructure changes and data access by providing actionable audit data about who changed what, when and where each change was made, and who has access to what. It gives you detailed audit report help establish accountability for privileged users and identify actions that violate your security policies. Alerts and dashboards keep you focused on critical changes that helps identify an unusual behavior before breach.

Netwrix auditor enables auditing IT systems including: Active Directory, Exchange Server, File Server, sharepoint, SQL Server, Vmware, Windows Servers and others. For information regarding Netwrix Auditor and how to use it please refer to


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