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When you want to do a penetration test for a wifi network you need a password list that reflect the user habits , private information such as his name , family name , his child's name , his mobile number and combination with these info . as these info is private and not shared with other users you will not find them in pre-made password list from websites , you must make them with you own hand and this is very hard thing to do and not practical !

we have the solution for this problem a tool that will do when you want with easy interactive shell that end with good password list that can crack and hack your victim with high probability of success .

Cupp a private password list generator with easy interactive shell . in this article we will explain how to install and run this tool .


First installing cupp .

Download cupp form its source by using command in the picture :


you will have now a folder with all files required to run cupp


Second using cupp .

you can run cupp with interactive mode which will make it easy for you to give the information about the vicitm and get the passowrd list :

use the command : python -i

running cupp


after you finish with questions the file having the password list will be saved in the cupp directory with the name of the first name question

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