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Kali is popular linux distribution for information security professional , it has many tools that help you accomplish your job .

if you tried the new release of this distribution ( kali sana 2.0 ) you may have noticed the system freeze ( high cpu usage sometimes ) that happen frequently which is bad thing for someone installed it as his main OS .

What is the problem ?

the problem is within the indexing system built in the gnome shell , which is responsible for indexing files so you can access them quickly but what happen is the reverse thing , high cpu usage from process ( tracker-miner and tracker-store ) make the system freeze and its Annoying if work for long times .


Solution :

1. Disable the indexing of all folders by typing in in terminal :

# tracker-preferences

2. Delete existing tracker logs :

#tracker-control -r

This command kills all running tracker processes and removes the databases.

3. Edit the startup files :

#gedit /etc/xdg/autostart/tracker-miner-fs.desktop





and edit


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