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Data governance (DG) refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data employed in an enterprise. A sound data governance program includes a governing body or council, a defined set of procedures, and a plan to execute those procedures.

Comprehensive Data Governance : Challenge

Every enterprise has to answer the questions: Who is accessing data, how are people accessing it, and who should be entitled to access?
These seeminglystraightforward questions are nearly impossible to answer accurately and easilyat any given moment.

Why? Because IT  personnel, storage managers, directory managers, helpdeskstaff and all parties responsible for the volumes of file server contents anduser repositories have no visibility either to the data permissions as set or theentitlements as they should be. The process of defining  data access is almostentirely manual and the people managing it have no context for the data orwhat constitutes proper use. Moreover  with user roles and file server contentschanging so quickly it is actually impossible to keep data entitlements currenteven with a large  number of staff.This situation puts important data at risk, and makes data access managementextremely expensive and ineffective.


Comprehensive Data Governance: Solution

Varonis makes the platform and applications that actualize data governance.
The Varonis® DatAdvantage® software solution aggregates user, data and access event information from directories and file servers. Sophisticated analytics applied to the collected information show detailed data use and determine rightful access based on business need. Specifically and in a non-intrusive way Varonis generates:

  • The picture of user/data permissions
  • Data authorization recommendations
  • A thorough audit of data use
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Instant Visibility Into
Who Can Access

With Varonis DatAdvantage, you can see individual users and the groups they are part of, drawn directly from your user repository. You can see every folder  and file on your file servers. And with Varonis, you can now connect the two. just a few clicks you can see exactly who has access to a folder, what type of access they have (read, write, modify, etc.) and how those permissions were assigned (i.e., inherited)


A Detailed Audit Of Access Use

DatAdvantage shows exactly who accessed what data right down to the file name. Administrators can get details on the access frequency and type (open, delete, modify etc.). Comprehensive audit reports are available for all aspects of data use (user activity, critical folder access, entitlement changes, etc.) and can be generated for any given day or time interval. Data business owners, auditors and other responsible parties can receive the reports on a custom defined schedule.With Varonis DatAdvantage you can achieve enterprise-wide data governance through effective and efficient data controls that ensure proper data use and allow you to meet any legal, financial, intellectual property and data privacy requirements


Recommendations On
Who Should Access

DatAdvantage also gives you the means to correct overly permissive or unwarranted access. By analyzing data usage patterns, the application determines which users have rightful access to data and who should be removed. IT can verify the DatAdvantage access recommendations and see the impact of the changes in a sand box or simply commit them to the live environment in a few clicks.

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