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5 Essential Facts About COBIT 5

  1. COBIT 5 helps you get more value from both your information and your technology, information is a key resource for all enterprises. From the time that information is created to the moment that it is destroyed. Technology plays a significant role across the enterprise. By approaching IT governance from a business perspective. COBIT 5 helps you maximize the trust in, and value from, your organization's information and technology.


  2. COBIT 5 is the only business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT, COBIT's global accepted principles, practices, analytical tools and models are designed for business executives – not just IT leaders. What's more, COBIT 5 can be used in industry and by organizations of all sizes.

  3. COBIT 5 is relevant and necessary, COBIT 5 helps you address the needs of stackholders across the enterprise and clarify goals for more effective decision making. It provides a systematic approach and common vocabulary for tackling many of today's most challenging aspects of meeting enterprise performance goals and maximizing the value of corporate information.

  4. COBIT 5 helps bring order to complex standards, regulations and frameworks, no other framework has the breadth of COBIT 5. COBIT provides an end-to-end framework that integrates other approaches and standards and addresses all areas of the enterprise.

  5. COBIT 5 represents the collective wisdom of global experts, COBIT 5 delivers thought leadership and guidance from business and IT leaders worldwide. It is the product of a global task force and development team from ISACA, a nonprofit, independent association of nearly 100,000 governance, security, risk and assurance professionals in 160 countries. The most significant evolution in the framework's 16-year history, COBIT 5 was reviewed by more than 95 experts worldwide. Hundreds more contributed, ensuring it reflects the power of many minds coming together.



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