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An Attacker can take advantage of the following behaviors and nature of people to commit social engineering attacks. These behavior can be vulnerabilities of social engineering attacks:

  • Human nature of trust itself becomes the main basis for these social engineering attacks. Companies should take the proper initiative in educating employees about possible vulnerabilities and about social engineering attacks so that employees will be cautious.

  • Sometimes social engineers go to the extent of threatening targets in case their requests are not accepted.

  • When things don't work out with threatening, they lure the target by promising them various kinds of things like cash or other benefits. In such situations, the target might be lured and there is the possibility of leaking sensitive company data.

  • At times, even targets cooperate with social engineers due to social obligations.

  • Ignorance about social engineering and its effects among the workforce makes the organization an easy target.

  • The person can also reveal the sensitive information in order to avoid getting in trouble by not providing information, as he or she may think that it would affect the company's business.


Reference: CeHv8

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