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chatting softwares always use the application layer to send and recieve messages that include using tcp or udp protocols for deleviery , today we will explain how to send messages using Ping ( ICMP protocol ) which is layer 3 protocol using Scapy .

What is scapy ?

Scapy is able to forge and decode packets of several protocols, send and capture them, match requests and replies, and much more. It can be used to handle most network tasks such as scanning, tracerouting, probing, attacks, network discovery, to name a few.

to install scapy type in cmd :

$ pip install scapy

to start scapy type in cmd :

$ scapy

in scapy you can use : >>> ls() ---> list protocols/layers >>> lsc() ---> list commands >>> conf ---> Display configurations >>> help(sniff) --> Help for a specific command


How to use scapy ?

 Let's start by specifying the packet's source IP and then its destination IP. This type of information goes in the IP header, which is a layer 3 protocol in the 0SI model:

Screenshot from 2016 02 28 21 35 17

now lets make simple icmp packet that will go from host to in this video :

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