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SMT successfully Organizes COBIT5 End User Event in Jordan

SMT Technologies, a leading reseller for providing Security Solutions & Services, with the participation of its distribution partner, Bulwark Technologies, recently held the COBIT5 Event for customers from leading banking & financial institutions across Jordan.

The event held under the theme: ‘How to adapt to COBIT5, a leading framework for management & governance of enterprise IT & secure your business to keep up with the unceasing IT world changes. The event intended to refresh and update customers on all-round security solutions and discuss and enlighten on how to maintain and safeguard their business critical IT operations using solutions like Privileged Identity Management, Change Auditing, Data Access Governance, Advanced Malware Detection & Managed File Transfer.’

The COBIT5 event was attended by 60 customers from the major banks & financial institutions across Jordan.

The event covered an important topics about cobit5, Afte every topic there was a discussion between the attendance and the Speaker in addition to the questions they had in their minds to ask.

We partner with the best-of-breed companies, offering award-winning products with excellent customer service and we had speakers from big companies,The first speaker was Dr Samir Abu Tahoun Co-founder & Sr. Principal Security Consultant talked about Security Managment Technology Center and welcomed all banks that attended the workshop.

The second speaker was Mr. Bilal Assaf, whom a Business Development Manager at Bulwark Technologies talked about Lastline| Advanced Malware Protection.

The third speaker was Mr. Nitish Kumar the Head Sales ,EMEA at Arcon Techsolutions talked about ARCOS,an elegant Privileged Access Managment solution.

The fourth speaker was  Mr. Nasser EL-Hout the MBA,ITIL,CISA,COBIT5 talked about cobit5, Why now?

The fifth speaker was Dr. Samir Abu Tahoun talked about "Hack the Digital World, SHOW ME!".

The sixth speaker was Mr. Fadi Salsa' the Principal Risk Management, Business Continuity and information Security Consultant talked about Cobit5 for Info-sec and Cobit5 for Business Continuity,

SMT team accomplished their aim by creating potential with several banks who attended the workshop.

In the end of the workshop attendance filled an evaluation and we had a very satisfying feedback. in addition to a draw on names to win "The Encrypted USB" beside to a give aways bags for all attendance.


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SMT successfully Organizes COBIT5 End User Event in Jordan

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