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Linux Mint Community proudly announced the release and general availability of Linux Mint 18 codenamed “Sarah”. Linux Mint 18 is an LTS release, which will be supported until 2021.


What’s new in Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon?

  1. Linux Mint 18 brings latest cinnamon 3.0 to your Desktop, with all its amazing features.
  2. X-Apps can be installed side-to-side to GNOME/MATE/Xfce Apps. In order to produce generic applications for traditional GTK desktop environments, “X-Apps” was started. X-Apps aims at replacing those applications that don’t tend to be adaptive. Other than that X-Apps strive to give you the same set of core applications for your Desktop Environment so that all the changes, new features, improvement are available for all the environment and not just one. Also, it enables you to use modern toolkits and technologies (GTK3, gsettings, …), traditional UI (titlebars, menubar), generic applications along with present functionalities enjoyed by users and backward compatibility.
  3. Totem, popularly known movie player and videos have been updated to 3.18.
  4. Xplayer updated to 1.0, is the default media Player for music and videos.
  5. Xed (based upon Pluma), is the default text editor.
  6. Xviewer (based upon Eye of GNOME), is the default image viewer.
  7. Xrender (based upon Atril), is the default document and PDF reader.
  8. Pix is based on gThumb, for organizing photos.
  9. Updated Update-Manager which lets you when there is newer kernel.
  10. Linux Mint 18 brings Mint Y theme. Mint-Y looks modern, Clean and professional. This theme has three variants, which are light, dark, mix of light and dark.
  11. System Improvements – apt install and apt remove now show progress output.
  12. New Commands were introduced viz., apt full-upgrade, apt edit-sources, apt-showhold, which does the same as apt dist-upgrade, apt- sources and apt held respectively.
  13. Artwork Improvement at login screen, in the default theme.
  14. Superb collection of background.
  15. Improved HiDPI support.
  16. All editions support OEM installations.
  17. Popular applications like Steam, Spotify, Dropbox were added to software center and is available for easy install.
  18. Linux Mint 18 is powered by Linux Kernel 4.4 and Ubuntu 16.04 package base.

System requirements

    1. RAM: Minimum 512 MB, Preferred 1 GB
    2. HDD: Minimum 9GB, Preferred 20 GB
    3. Resolution: 1024X768 and above


If you are running Beta, you may update it to Linux Mint 18 the latest stable release simply as

    • Remove samba

It was observed that Samba negatively impacted boot speed and hence it is removed from stable release. Remove samba as

# apt purge samba
  • Upgrade Linux Mint

Click on the refresh button in your update manager and apply any outstanding level 1 update.

Download Link (Choose your Nearest Mirror or Torrent)

Linux Mint Cinnamon 32 bit
Linux Mint Cinnamon 64 bit
Linux Mint Mate 32 bit
Linux Mint Mate 64 bit

Linux Mint seems to have a number of improvements and some interesting features. It would be interesting to install and test it, which we are going to do, in our next article. Till then stay tuned and connected to Unixmen. Don’t forget to give your valuable feedback in the comments below. Like and share us and help us get spread.




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