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                                 How to Text Someone & Have Another Number Show Up on an iPhone

The iPhone uses two types of messaging protocols: SMS and iMessage. Both of these communication methods are linked to your phone number, though you can set iMessage to only display your Apple ID. To make it appear as if you're texting from a different number, use third-party messaging apps that assign you a separate texting phone number, thereby keeping your real phone number out of the conversation.


Download and install TextFree from the App Store on your iPhone. Launch the application, and then press "Allow" at the Location Services prompt. Your location helps TextFree match area codes to your current state. Select your country from the drop-down menu, and then fill out the signup form to create a TextFree account. Press "Sign Up," and then tap "Accept" to agree to the TextFree terms of service. Select your new TextFree messaging phone number. If you do not want a local area code, tap "Change area code," and then type in a zip code to get a new list of potential phone numbers with matching area codes. Highlight an available phone number, tap "Get this number," and then press "Confirm." To message someone from your new phone number, tap the "Compose" icon, select a recipient from your contacts, type your message in the text field, and then press "Send."


Download and install the free TextMe app from the App Store. Launch the app, tap "Create a free account," fill out the form, and then press "Done." Enter your preferred area code, and then tap "Get your free number." TextMe randomly assigns you a messaging phone number, prefaced by your chosen area code. Tap "Done." Press the "Compose" icon to start a new message, choose a recipient from your contacts list, type your message into the text field, and then press the icon that looks like a blue paper airplane to send your message.



Search for the free TextNow software in the App Store. After installing it, open the application, press "Create Account," and then complete the signup fields. Tap "Create Account," and then enter your desired area code. A small flag icon appears next to your choice, denoting the country that the area code is associated with. Press "Continue" to have TextNow assign you an available phone number. Tap "Done." Start a new message by tapping the icon that looks like a speech icon. Type in your recipient's phone number or press the "+" symbol to add someone from your contact list. Type your message in the text field, and then press "Send."



Finally, what i want to say is to becarful of every text message you get, sometimes it can be spoofed or fake.




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