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Vulnerability Assessment tools (also known as Vulnerability Scanners) are batch-level products that scan servers, workstations, other devices, and applications to uncover security vulnerabilities. The scan information is compared with a database of known security holes (vulnerabilities) to determine the threat status of the device or application.

User Benefits

An automated Vulnerability Assessment solution can help security profesionals discover unmanaged devices on the network so that those devices can be brought under management or removed from the network. Scanning provides baseline vulnerability status, and trending provides evidence of the effectiveness of vulnerability management activities. Vulnerability reports that include recommendations for mitigation or remediation of vulnerable assets can improve the efficiency of IT operations, and risk-rated reports can help measure security effectiveness.

Business Impact

Vulnerability assessment solutions have become a modern necessity due to the increased security threats posed by hackers and other criminals who are on the look out for confidential information. This can be particularly damaging for any organization. Therefore, most of them have opted for assessments of various kinds to avoiding threats faced by the enterprise.

Vulnerability management represents a proactive approach to security. Rather than reacting to threats after they occur, you can proactively control or eliminate them.

A major benefit of vulnerability management is the built-in reports provided by VM software. Some of these reports are good enough for documentation demanded by auditors  checking for regulatory compliance.

The most important idea about compliance is that VM can automate much of what used to be an expensive, time-consuming, manual process. Getting the right VM solution can not only protect your network and data – it can also save you money by automating daily chores for VM!

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