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Any application that has ever been created, has had flaws along the lines. While most applications may perform exactly as intended, the common error of overlooking the implementation of appropriate security controls can be detrimental to an organisation. Not only can the application itself be tampered with, but any experienced hacker may even be able to extract sensitive client and organisational data as well. Not ensuring that an application implements proper security controls poses a great threat to an organisation, and it needs to be addressed immediately.

Application Security Testing

Our testing approach is supported by a set of automated tools that not only identify common application vulnerabilities but also reveal business logic flaws that could be misused by attackers. In addition to these automated tests that cover a majority of common security flaws, we use conventional black box penetration testing techniques, which can be combined with a review of the applications critical source code to increase depth and optimize efficiency.

Source Code Inspection

A deep analysis of the application’s source code will be undertaken, identifying core weaknesses. Vulnerabilities will be assessed, prioritising them based on their severity and probability of exploitation.

Application Security Architecture

The fundamental design and logic of your application architecture will be assessed including its surrounding business environment. The number of ways in which an application can be written and developed is incalculable and therefore, to ensure maximum security potential, best-practice standards need to be upheld.

Application Security Controls

Merely optimising your application security architecture is often not enough; security controls also need to be put into place to fully secure an application. The integrity and effectiveness of controls such as authentication & session management, authorisation, cryptography & key management, data input validation techniques, and transport layer protection mechanisms will be reviewed to maximise your application’s level of security.

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