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It is imperative that any individual capable of accessing information technologies in an organization understands the value of the resources at their disposal and their responsibility of keeping those resources from being abused. Careless or unaware individuals could potentially disrupt an organizations IT systems or accidentally allow for unauthorized access to systems.

To address PCI DSS requirements 12.5 and 12.6, which refer to the distribution of security polices throughout the company and the existence of a formal security program, SMT offers full support in the development of security policies and security awareness programs. The SMT Security Awareness Program is designed to help you raise the level of understanding of how important security is today, and to help you push responsibility throughout the company.


SMT’s two-day workshop, which is delivered by a QSA, has three major components:

  1. A management training session for senior managers, HR executives and COs
  2. An end-user security awareness training session with a test of the material.
  3. A session on analysing the company polices and addressing any gaps.

The aim of this workshop is to allow you to and build towards a full security awareness program, including material for poster and web-based training campaigns, staff meetings, and promotions. On completion of the Workshop, SMT will help you build a sustainable security awareness program into the Company.

About SMT

SMT strong team of highly qualified consultants, certified and well-trained technical engineers who are capable of understanding our customers’ needs in order to make sure providing them with right technology and world-class of services surrounding today’s Information Security Technology .


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